1989 – current

As current President of Summerplace HOA in Simi Valley, I have been interacting with Slade Landscape, Inc. for over 10 years.  This is truly one of the best vendors I have ever had the privilege of working with.  As a family owned business, I know that if we have issues that need to be addressed, all I have to do is call Jesse Slade and the problem is literally resolved before I have time to follow up on its status.   For us, Jesse has been our constant contact for years.  His personal knowledge of our facility and his communications with, not only his workers, but with our Board, has been an invaluable service to us.  The grounds of our Association are, in our opinion, the best maintained in the region.   If you are a commercial client, I would recommend this company over any commercial landscaping contractor in the business.  I would personally be glad to recommend and discuss this with any client who would like a referral in the future.

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